Mark Boganim

French fine artist Mark Boganim has lived and worked in Israel for several years (Exhibvition History below images)

Curriculum Vitae

Marc Boganim




1977-1982                         Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris

                                    M. F. A (Painting and Mural Art); Admission upon highly                                                             competitive Concour

1974-1977                        Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués de Paris

                                    B. F. A (Art mural); Admission upon highly                                                                                     competitive Concour


Recognitions & Awards           


2014- 2015                         Individual Artist Fellowship, Ministry of Education, Israel

1974-1982            Scholarship at the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Décoratif et des Art Appliqués de Paris


Solo Exhibitions


2013- to date                        Ynet Art, Online (Israel)

2009                                    Azrieli Towers, Tel Aviv, Israel

2007                                    Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel

2006                                    Dekel Gallery, Sheraton Hotel, Eilat, Israel

2005                                    Hotel Dan’s Gallery, Eilat, Israel


Group Exhibitions


2017                           Beit silver tower ( Tel aviv )                        

2016                           Eilat gallery

2014                                    “Otzma Shel Lavan”, Migdaley Neeman, Tel Aviv, Israel

2012                                    Salon Diaton, Yaffa, Israel

2012            Exhibition at Givat Ram Campus, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel- In collaboration with the French Embassy

2007                                    Brehat A Sultan (The Sultan’s Pool), Jerusalem, Israel

2005                                    The Alternative Gallery, Yaffa, Israel

1985                                    Salon des Artists Indépendents, Paris, France

1984            Exhibition FIAP (Fédération International de l’Art Photographique) Paris, France

1984                                    Exhibition FIAC (Foire International d’Art Contemporain), Paris, France

1983                                    Gallerie Face-à-Face, Rue de Seine, Paris




2010                                    Gallery George V, Jerusalem, Israel




Public:                         Dan Hotel, Eilat, Israel

                                    Ted Levy for the Congress of Dentistry, Eilat, Israel

                                    The Thai House, Tel-Aviv, Israel

                                    Gallery George V, Jerusalem, Israel

                                    Chouchou Retails, Eilat, Israel

Private:             Works held in private collections in Israel, France and the United Kingdoms




2009- to date                        Private Instructor, Centre of the French Culture, Eilat, Israel

2007-2010                        Instructor, Cultural Community Centre, Eilat, Israel

2006-2008                        Instructor, Yeelim College, Eilat, Israel


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