Corporate Art Leasing

Whether you are looking for corporate art ( to rent art works for your office, restaurant or rental apartment),  to style your home for sale or to add style, polish and sophistication to your living areas, for decorating offices, consulting rooms,waiting rooms, board rooms etc, you can select from a range of original art works to lease from our represented Australian artists, (with professional assistance and advice.) 


A mutual time will be arranged to consult at your premises or at the gallery and discuss your needs for art leasing. If you are seeking guidance and assistance with corporate art or art for home styling, please email and we can book you a consultation , delivery and/or installation.(for metro Melbourne)

“Artwork takes a home to the next level, it’s about adding the personal touch, giving it soul.” (Vogue Living, May/June 08)


Port Art has a selection of represented artists' original works available for leasing periods of 6 weeks, 6 months or 12 months.

Leasing fees are calculated with a base fee (different for each leasing period) and 5% of the art work value per month. For some advice or a quote please email

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We offer leasing of a select range of our early and mid-career Australian artists' original works. 

Incorporating art works carefully within a working environment can promote your organisation's identity, image and professionalism and add a calming or stimulating influence according to your selection.

As we have an onsite artisan framing studio, extra design options (fitted and floating frames that can tie in with furniture and fittings)  can be added upon request to fit with your overall design concept.  (We can offer limited edition Giclee prints on canvas of selected works for purchase as another option).

Keeping open the option to periodically rearrange your choices of art is a useful tool with which to open dialogue, freshen a space, increase creativity and generally boost the emotional ambience within that space.  Leasing original art works also actively supports our Australian artists, who can use their leasing fees for materials as they build their series for future exhibitions. If you become attached to the art work, as can happen, a 30% rebate of the leasing fees against a purchase is available for those leasing art. you receive the option of a discounted purchase at the end (or during) the leasing period


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