In home art consultations

You can choose a selection of potential art works that you think could work in your home or office and make a time that is mutually suitable to have them brought around to see them in your own environment.


* This service is available for clients in the suburbs inside the red line on the map. Otherwise we offer an “art sleep-over” option. Clients can leave  a security deposit with card and take their chosen art work home or to the office to try it out overnight. Final payment can be done by phone.

* A $90/hr call out consultation fee applies to art consultations (which is about equivalent to the art courier fee for one work, but we can bring several to try in your space and choose from). This fee is deducted upon purchase.

* Browse your favourite artist's profile pages for available works, or come into the gallery to select and a time can be arranged. Art Loans are also available for purchases from the gallery, paid over 10 months.)


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Nathan Taddeo from Credo Financial trying out an abstract painting for his boardroom wall.

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