Artcare archival products

artcare specifier med

Artcare archival products (mount boards) have pro-active 'zealots' which repel aging, mould, insects etc. They cost more than regular framing materials but are totally worth it if you are protecting something of material, cultural or sentimental value.

Glass comes in a few different ranges as well. Regular picture framer's glass blocks 45% of UV light, the conservation range blocks 99%.


Non-glare glass is chosen when a reflection is undesirable, it is available in regular (blocks 45% UV) and conservation (blocks 99% UV)


cutting-glass med-2

Clear glass comes in regular (blocks 45% UV) or conservation (blocks 99%UV)


Museum glass has a unique coating which not only blocks 99% of UV light but gives the appearance of no glass at all, due to it's exorbitant price, is usually reserved for very valuable works.

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