Children’s Art Gallery


Is your “ Children’s Art Gallery “ established yet?

Every child proudly brings home their art works from school, some get stuck on the fridge, some go into a special folder, and sadly many end up in the rubbish or paper recycling!!

Positive encouragement and praise most definitely plays a huge part in a child’s confidence. Even if they don’t develop into the next Picasso, great creative confidence proves beneficial in all ther learning areas. 

After designing a suite of six for my own children years ago, I have since created many variations on the concept for parents who want to keep the established decor looking sharp (as opposed to blue-tacking up paper art works here and  there)  while simultaneously involving the creative efforts of the young artists of the family.

A Children’s Art Gallery can be created in any colour, style of moulding, combination of mouldings. When you come in to have one made for your young artists, bring photos of the walls where you plan to hang them. Also think about the best average size. 

These below are 400x500mm inside, so great for either A4 or A3 art works. They can display canvas boards, photos, certificates as well as works on paper. (very multi-purpose.)

Come in and get a pair or suite designed for the little artists of your home.


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