Conservation Framing Choices - matts, glass options


At our Port Melbourne Framing studio you can get conservation framing choices for valued art works, you can choose either acid-free or archival quality matt boards, both in a full range of colours/styles, textures etc.

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So, when should you consider conservation framing?

Inks and watercolours can be quite susceptible to UV fading. The warmer reds and yellow fade quickly in printed materials when exposed to UV. All framed items can also suffer from humidity damage, insect damage and deterioration from acids within surrounding materials.


Regular framer's glass blocks ~ 45% of UV exposure.

Conservation Clear blocks ~ 99% of UV, as does Museum glass, but the latter appears as if there is no glass at all (the difference in price between the two is substantial). We also use Ultravue, which costs less than Museum glass, blocks 70% of UV, but still has the benefit of no reflection.

Traditional non-glare glass is chosen less often now since the advent of alternatives such as Ultravue, as it dulls down the contrast in many art works to achieve it’s non-reflective look.


We use the most superior conservation matt boards for conservation work, and the attributes include the following:

- they retard the deterioration of paper and fabric (and are always used in conjunction with conservation backing materials)

- they are infiltrated with chemicals called zealots which resist insect damage and give a ph buffer to reduce the degradation of time and climates

- they are fade resistant

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