Custom Frames Melbourne

Dagger -  eg. deep box frame

Our Melbourne clients have brought all manner of objects for custom frames to be especially designed.

Any 3D object can be displayed in a unique artisan designed display box. 

custom-frames-melbourne med

We have created artisan box frames of such items as old bibles, baby booties, dummy, maori kitai, aboriginal weaving, in addition to sporting apparel. Give elegance and protection to your special belongings. 

Custom frames need to be culturally relevant in some cases and we have special frame choices to suit a range of exotic styles.

Make an appointment to ensure that you have time to see all options and make the best design choice for your special item.

Sentimental items

This is a very spcial memento for a dog owner and to give it the presence needed we built a deep white box inside a black frame. All of us have items saved from special times, events or special people and we can help you to mount and frame these mementos beautifully.

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custom-framing-melbourne med

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