Custom Framing of Footy Jerseys - Port Melbourne

There are several approaches to custom framing of footy and other sporting jerseys (jumpers) and other sports collectibles.

custom-framing med

Firstly, a custom template is made to stretch the item, then a deep box is constructed. 

This box can be made using any custom framing moulding that has a deeper rebate inside. This box can be lined with white or with team colours, matching the football jersey.

Another alternative is to use a raised mount around the jersey (with team colours).

Picture Frame mouldings suitable for building such a box display come in a variety of timber colours, white, off-white,  black, even golds and silvers.

Even this little 1950s kids footy jumper found a suitable style moulding for a box to preserve and present 

itself for generations of footy lovers to come.

kids-footy-jersey med
baby-footy-jumper med
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