Framing Ideas for decor unity

Artists, decorators and designers often use custom made frames as an integral part of their creative plan. You can too with the assistance of some creative framing ideas for decor unity.

Asymmetric Suite of small artworks - an example of a collection of small artworks (from the same artist) framed and united as one piece. (you could also easily create a similar effect without joining i.e.. hang them with individual hooks. You could collect small art pieces, even from different artists, even different media, s\and unite them all in a collection by united framing elements.

Arrangements of wall photos, united with a common element

Collectible items as a focal point

Coloured box frames - created to tone in or contrast with a feature wall or other room accents

Tying together art works on canvas using floating frames that unite flooring, furniture and other room features.

boost feature wall

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