Photo Frame Ideas

We often come up with novel photo frame ideas for clients, as  a lot of people tell us when they are having their art framed  that at home they also have a lot of mismatched photos in frames and many more they would like to hang, but they just don't know where to start.

As long as you find one element to unite the collection, it doesn't need to be symmetrical, nor does each frame need to be exacty the same. An example below shows the element of colour (each frame is different in size, orientation and shape but united by a shade of charcoal or black).


Another photo frame idea is the combination of multiple colours in the same profile and shape, all elements the same except the frame colour, adding a more vibrant touch to the feature collection.

same frame-colours

Here is a suite of family photos  in a type of symmetric pattern, with a large centrepiece


There is no photo for this idea, but we have actually created a suite of different sized frames to create a common outer frame while keeping the assorted original frames (which are often quite sentimental) that were in gold, timber, white, black (a great way to make a cohesive collection out of years of special individual pieces, without losing the original frame.)

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