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What is giclee art, what is canvas art?? What is mixed media?      

Giclee is a french derived word for ink squirt or ink spray. It is a neologism from the 1980s. On the internet, when you search wall art or canvas art, the most likely thing you will encounter is in fact a print on canvas, not original art. Technology has moved so far ahead in ink-jet printing, that very clear and high quality reproductions can be made of original paintings. There are also a huge variation of quality levels in the a) inks b) substrate c) printing  machines.

Just how close to the original depends on several other variables, eg. the medium and texture of the original, for example, an abstract with chunky impasto 3D effects will appear like a print of chunky impasto, where-as paintings created without thickness or collage can be reproduced to appear closer to the original.

We have both giclee art works on watercolour paper and also the mixed media giclee on canvas.



‘Mixed media’ refers to the integrated use of different techniques and materials .

 At Port Art, the actual artists  hand glaze any custom ordered giclee art work with layers of transparent archival mediums and glazes thus giving it a further mixed media visual appeal, and as there is a framing studio onsite, we can stretch it and even add beautiful floating frames that can tie the wall art in with your room decor.

Why order a mixed media giclee art work on canvas?

Some people are in the market for beautiful original art, either for decor and ambience enhancement or for investment, or both.

 Other people want to enjoy beautiful imagery on their walls but some do not have the budget for an original art work.  A regular giclee print on canvas just looks like a print, whereas the giclee art works created by Jennifer Webb, John Louis Lloyd and Coco of the Port Art stable are hand-finished and have an original finish for the same price range as a print.

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