Floating Frames

Floating frames can be made in a range of depths and colours, finishes etc. The stretched canvas sits inside the L-shaped moulding, the frame appears to float around the canvas. (no glass is needed orpossible with this kind of frame, it is basically for works on a stretcher frame)


Below are just some of the floating frame moulding styles available.

Bring your canvas stretched or unstretched, or a painting on board and we can show you all possibilities using floating frames.

Most paintings on canvas are purchased as "gallery wrap", this is usually the default presentation. 
For an artist to add floating frames to an entire series, not only is it a preclusive cost for so many works at once, there is usually several options that the buyer could choose individually to enable their new work on canvas to marry into their home or office space harmoniously.

We can show you how to add the most elegant and sophisticated edge to your canvas paintings or 
prints on canvas.

floating frames med-2
bigbang-on-blue-wallwhite med-2

Take this art work which was sold unframed and the buyers chose a white floating frame.

Here it is shown with a white floater.

They could also have chosen an oak or teak finish depending on what they wished to achieve in their lounge room.

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