John Louis Lloyd

Inspired by natural events as many contemporary abstract paintings are, John Louis Lloyd’s abstract paintings sneak up on you and appeal to the curious within the viewer. Upon first sight they seem like a totally abstract artwork until a feature then appears to the viewer, irreversably leading them into a mysterious organic world that indeed can have some essence of the familiar but overall seems to have an other-worldly feel about it. Metaphors of parallel worlds abound and the geological appears to morph into the spiritual.

Rich textures, layers of dribbles, stains, glazes, skins, pours  and other marks make for an enticing surface which evokes a unique response or interpretation in each viewer.  Request an email with price/sizes/availabilities for works in stock. All Lloyd's abstract paintings  are mixed media including oils, graphite and acrylics on linen, boards or canvas Average prices between $2000 - $6000. Exhibition History

Commission enquiry for John Louis Lloyd art works

 A selection of originals from each series (including  Sold archives ) are also available by custom order as Mixed Media Giclee reproductions on canvas. (see below, click on the thumbnail to open main image.

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