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Custom Framing — Port Melbourne
Decades of creative framing design
Always most competitive pricing — and quality

Custom Framing Port Melbourne

Servicing the custom framing needs of all surrounding suburbs of South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, Docklands and beyond
Custom framing with Port Art's Port Melbourne framing studio includes Floating frames , canvas stretching, display box frames, custom certificate framing and much more. As creatives with decades of frame design and creative experience, we can provide you with helpful insights and advice to assist you in maximising the aesthetic and protective value of your custom frames. Call us to book a private framing consultation. We are also known for our quality and competitive pricing.
Canvas Stretching Melbourne — Port Melbourne Frame studio
Quick turn around for framing
Artisan framing skills — Solid timber bracing
First Choice for Artists
Canvas stretching Port Melbourne

Canvas stretching Port Melbourne

"Tight as a drum, Military corners and braced sturdily as if a builder did it"- we loved that quote from Veronica, a regular client of ours!
As artists, the skill of stretching cotton and linen canvases has been inherent in our field for years, and we are adept at finding stretching solutions for all canvas stretching jobs.
Custom Picture Framing — All types of frame designs
Deep boxes for 3D objects — Float box frames
Sporting memorabilia — Footy jerseys etc
Make a time to come in for a measure, design and quote
Custom Picture FramingCustom Picture Framing

Custom Picture Framing

Oak floating frames — made to order
Oak floating frames — with white, black or metallic front trim
Get assistance in optimising your frame moulding selection — Marry your artworks to your decor
Black Floating Frames — Black with metallic trim
Floating Frames Melbourne

Floating Frames Melbourne

We get people coming from all over Melbourne for specialist advice on floating frames, which are after all, not just an enhancement for your artworks but also an important uniting factor in your home decor.
Floating frames, (also called float frames) are for works on canvas and linen. When expertly designed and made, floating frames sit like a shell around the outside of the artwork, with a small gap between the stretched art and the frame. With Port Art framing studios , yours will be made in such a way as to give a nod to the artwork as well as give a huge aesthetic lift to your room. Our pricing is always most competitive.

Floater Frames - Video

Floater Frames, Floating Frames, Float Frames - these are all names given to a frame made with an L-shaped moulding that surrounds the stretched canvas artwork. ('float box frames' - also used to describe when a work on paper is fixed to a platform, lifting it inside a box frame with glass.